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About Me

Gaetano Drago is a versatile creative professional with a background in architecture and a passion for storytelling through various mediums. Originally nestled in the Mediterranean on the island of Sicily, his journey has taken him from Italy to Singapore, the UK, and the Netherlands.

With a BA(Hons) and a MArch from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, Gaetano has a strong foundation in the built environment. He gained valuable experience at esteemed architectural firms, including MVRDV, 7478 Architects, and Studio Tecnico - Ing. Fabio Giardina.

In addition to his architectural pursuits, Gaetano has ventured into acting, collaborating with Vice Studios and Stafford Long and Partners. He's also embarked on an acting journey, training with the Young Actors Theatre Islington and participating in Shakespearean plays.

Currently, Gaetano serves as a master of architecture professor at the University of Leeds Beckett, where he and Sarah Mills bridge the realms of architecture and cinema, offering a unique perspective on the intersection of these two disciplines.


He is also a freelance editor and contributing writer for Data Aided Design magazine.

Gaetano's creative energy weaves a rich tapestry of experiences in architecture, film, teaching, and acting, captivating audiences with his intricately crafted stories.

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