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AA Educational Pavilions 

A typical architecture “student day” is constantly constrained between four walls where everything happens, but what if there was another area to go and learn? Maybe a green one, maybe Bedford Square?


This projects attempts to address a different use of Bedford square, creating small pieces of furniture/spaces translated from the existing core spaces of AA. A mobile workshop, a compressible library, an interlocking studio space and others; every space is designed to be transportable and collapsible or deployable, so that everyone can “take AA“ outside.


The combination of the objects allows for group or solo learning, according to how a person uses the space. Most of the pieces designed try also to address the weather conditions, creating small shelters, but most importantly the objects were incorporated with minimal features that a student, a lecturer, a tutor or any AA member would need. 

Day Type .png
Object in garden 4 copy
ObjectS in garden
Object in garden 8
Opening Diagram Green
Opening Diagram Blue
Opening Diagram Red
Opening Diagram Turquese
Opening Diagram Pink
Opening Diagram Brown
Opening Diagram Grey
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